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    Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story: Part 2

    Poster of the movie Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story: Part 2

    Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story: Part 2

    2006     Biography drama     Canada

    Tommy Douglas and his brilliant finance minister stare down economic threats from big business and vested interests which are determined to bankrupt the province. The CCF triumphs - protecting its people from farm foreclosures, instituting government insurance, building roads and bringing electricity to rural communities, declaring a Bill of Rights. M.J. Coldwell persuades Tommy, who has just been elected for the 5th time as Premier, to become leader of the emerging New Democratic Party. As he fights for election on a national platform, Tommy is also waging the most bitter struggle of his career. The doctors of Saskatchewan are on strike against 'state medicine'.

    Directed byJohn N_ Smith
    Written byBruce M. Smith


    Kristin Booth
    George Alexander
    Paul Gross
    Tatiana Maslany
    Don McKellar
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