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    Race Against Time

    Poster of the movie Race Against Time

    Race Against Time

    1h 30min
    2000     Action thriller     Canada/USA

    In 2002, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized suicide. Some of the consequences of this ruling were unforeseen... 2018. Steelworker James Gabriel's son is dying of a terminal illness. The only cure for Bobby's illness is an exorbitantly expensive vaccine. There is another problem. The doctors must administer the Lifecorps vaccine within a few hours, lest it will no longer work. There is nothing Gabriel can do to save his son. Unless... Gabriel signs a deal with Lifecorps, a powerful company that buys people from themselves, gives them a year, then kills them and sells them for spare parts. With the $300,000 he sold himself for, will Gabriel be able to save Bobby?

    Directed byGeoff Murphy
    Written byCary Solomon, Chuck Konzelman


    Eric Roberts
    Cary Elwes
    Sarah Wynter
    Chris Sarandon
    Diane Venora
    Cas Anvar
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