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    Poster of the movie Radioman
    Radioman (2012)
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Run time1h15m
    Directed byMary Kerr


    In New York, there's the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Radioman, a fixture on NYC film sets and considered a celebrity's celebrity. Radioman keeps movie stars like Johnny Depp, Cher, Robin Williams and George Clooney real. With his trademark radio, biting wit and loud opinions, he's hard to ignore. But Radioman isn't satisfied with his own spot outside Letterman or his 100+ cameos. No, he dreams of moving beyond his typecasting into leading roles. As much as he craves notice, he longs even more to be known. Radioman is more than a film industry mascot and formerly homeless alcoholic; his outsider story makes a profound statement about celebrity and friendship. A who's who of Hollywood's A-list are interviewed, as fans of Radioman, they reveal the true nature of fame and its vapidity.


    Josh Brolin
    Craig Castaldo
    George Clooney
    Matt Damon
    Johnny Depp
    Tom Hanks
    Jude Law
    Eva Mendes
    Helen Mirren
    Meryl Streep
    Tilda Swinton
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    Photo from the movie Radioman
    Photo from the movie Radioman
    Photo from the movie Radioman
    Photo from the movie Radioman

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