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    Reach for Me

    Reach for Me

    2008     Comedy     USA

    Alvin (73) simply wants some peace and quiet, but his young hospice roommate Kevin (25) has decided to enjoy moment to its fullest. Kevin's girlfriend Sarah is determined to make Kevin's final days fun and meaningful, in turn forcing Alvin to reflect on his own life and failed marriage.

    When Alvin escapes his room to avoid the young lovers' wild antics, he runs into an attractive firecracker named Valerie. She becomes someone with whom he can share his many fears and regrets, and re-learn love. Alvin gradually discovers the beauty in Kevin's belief that it's not the minutes in life that count, but how you spend the moments.

    Directed byLeVar Burton
    Written byMichael Adams


    Seymour Cassel
    Johnny Whitworth
    Lacey Chabert
    Alfre Woodard
    Adrienne Barbeau
    LeVar Burton
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