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    Poster of the movie Recon


    1h 35min
    2019     Thriller     USA

    Based on a true event -- RECON tells the story of four American soldiers in WW2, who after they witness a vicious murder of an innocent civilian at the hands of their platoon Sergeant, are sent on a reconnaissance/suicide mission lead by a local partisan, an elderly man whose indeterminate loyalties add to the terror and confusion that engulfs the Americans as they are hunted by an unseen enemy. RECON centers around young men in the midst of war. The action occurs over the course of one long day between four soldiers placed in a crucible, as they debate both their fates and that of life itself. Each has a different perspective, liberal, racist, uncertain - a metaphor for the America both of 1945 and 2018. As the soldiers fight amongst themselves they realize they are being both hunted and haunted by a mysterious sniper and the specter of a burning question - is their Italian guide, this old man from the village, a fascist sympathiser who wishes to lead them to their death? As they struggle to make it off the mountain alive, these American soldiers face the worst that war can offer men.... and through this each finds their own peace.

    Directed byRobert David Port
    Written byRichard Bausch, Robert David Port
    CompanyBrainstorm MediaBrainstorm MediaBrainstorm Media


    Alexander Ludwig
    Sam Keeley
    Franco Nero
    Lochlyn Munro
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    7 months ago


    Photo from the movie Recon
    Photo from the movie Recon
    Photo from the movie Recon
    Photo from the movie Recon
    Photo from the movie Recon
    Photo from the movie Recon

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