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    Robin Hood

    Poster of the movie Robin Hood

    Robin Hood

    1h 44min
    1991     Action drama     Canada/Germany/United Kingdom

    In the divided England of the 12th Century, the Normans rule with an iron hand and the Saxons defy their authority at their own peril. After clashing with a Norman knight in an effort to save the life of a poacher, Saxon nobleman Robert Hode (Patrick Bergin) himself becomes a victim, forced to forfeit both his lands and his title to the throne. Branded an outlaw and concealing his identity with the new name of 'Robin Hood,' he outsmarts his Norman rivals, wins the love of the beautiful Maid Marian (Uma Thurman), and becomes a great hero to the downtrodden Saxon people.

    Directed byJohn Irvin
    Written bySam Resnick, John McGrath
    Company20th Century Studios20th Century Studios20th Century Studios


    Patrick Bergin
    Uma Thurman
    Jürgen Prochnow
    David Morrissey
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