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    German poster of the movie Schlafkrankheit
    2011     Drama    
    1h 31min
    Original lang: German, French, Dutch

    Ebbo and Vera Velten have been living in Africa for a long time. Ebbo is managing a sleeping sickness program. His work is fulfilling. In contrast, Vera feels increasingly uncomfortable with her life in the expat community of Yaoundé and the separation from her daughter Helen, 14, who is attending boarding school in Germany.

    Ebbo has to give up his life in Africa if he doesn't want to lose the women he loves. But he has become a stranger to Europe. His fear of returning increases from day to day.

    Years later. Alex Nzila, a young French doctor of Congolese origin, travels to Cameroon to evaluate a development project. He hasn't been to Africa for a long time. But instead of finding new prospects, he encounters a destructive, lost man: like a phantom, Ebbo slips away from his evaluator.

    Directed byUlrich Köhler
    Written byUlrich Köhler


    Pierre Bokma
    Jean-Christophe Folly
    Hippolyte Girardot
    Thierry Hancisse
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