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    Hindi poster of the movie Shabd


    2005     Dramatic thriller     India
    Original lang: Hindi, Hindi

    Shabd is a thriller revolving around a writer who, as he pens his story with twists and turns, decides to incorporate his story into his real life and write the novel based on that occurrence. Unlike stories where a writer****s novel becomes their real life, Shaukat (Sanjay Dutt) decides that he will decide to write his novel based on how his current life story is playing out. His story begins when his wife, Antara (Aishwarya Rai), is approached by Yash (Zayed Khan) and continuously persuaded for a romantic affair. Shaukat decides that Antara should fiendishly pursue the relationship, and he will write the story from there, feeling that this will, obviously, make his story as realistic as one can get. Shaukat then decides that he will write the transitions and instruct his wife to play them out.

    Directed byLeena Yadav
    Written bySutapa Sikdar, Leena Yadav


    Sanjay Dutt
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
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