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Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

Original lang.Hindi
Run time1h50m
GenreRomantic comedy
Directed byR.S. Prasanna
CompanyEros International


Mudit and Sugandha are just about ripe for the most important ceremony of their lives, the multi-sensorial grand Delhi-Di- Wedding...!! In love, it takes two to tango, but in a North Indian shaadi, entire families do the bhangra adding to the newlyweds' emotional upheavals. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is about one such wedding, an ode to the innocence of love. When Sugandha finally says yes to Mudit's awkward marriage proposal, the middle of the middle-class couple inadvertently signs up for a ride of their life. They enter into an awkward period, between engagement and marriage, where a man and a woman get into a negotiation of sorts, to set the terms of this lifelong union. The Saavdhan before the Shubh and Mangal!! It's a tale of practical side of romance for both where on one hand Sugandha longs for a fairy tale romance and on the other hand, the various man-issues he is supposed to have answers for, bog down Mudit. The cacophonic meddling of their respective family members, not just tests the depth of Mudit and Sugandha's new love but also the breadth of the ego of their parents. So who will win in this constant tug of war called Shaadi...?? Faced with opposition, will their love blossom or will it burst out to paint the town blue or pink depending whether you are a ladke-waala or a ladki-waala...?? Will Sugandha accept Mudit with all his faults and vulnerabilities...?? Will the boy in Mudit lose his way or will the man in him Stand up for his love...??


Ayushmann Khurrana
Bhumi Pednekar
Manuj Sharma
Anshul Chauhan



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