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    Six Feet Under

    Poster of the movie Six Feet Under

    Six Feet Under

    TV Series     2001     Drama     USA

    Laced with irony and dark situational humor, the show approaches the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who owns and operates a funeral home in Los Angeles.




    Peter Krause
    Michael C. Hall
    Frances Conroy
    Lauren Ambrose
    Freddy Rodríguez
    Rachel Griffiths
    Jeremy Sisto
    James Cromwell
    Mena Suvari
    Illeana Douglas
    Catherine O'Hara
    Lili Taylor
    Jonathan Tucker
    Molly Parker
    Kathy Bates
    Kellan Lutz
    Patricia Clarkson
    Rainn Wilson
    Beth Grant
    Richard Jenkins
    Bill Cobbs
    Michael Weston
    Bobby Cannavale
    Joanna Cassidy
    Jacob Vargas
    Justin Theroux
    Rick Overton
    Alice Krige
    Jenna Fischer
    Adam Scott
    Matt Ross
    Christina Cabot
    Jordan Ladd
    Peter Facinelli
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