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    Slim Susie

    Swedish poster of the movie Slim Susie

    Slim Susie (2003)

    Smala Sussie
    Original lang.Swedish, English
    Run time1h37m
    GenreCriminal comedy
    Directed byUlf Malmros
    Written byUlf Malmros, Petteri Nuottimäki


    After his kid sister Susie (Tuva Novotny) goes missing, Erik (Jonas Rimeika) returns from his life in the big city to his hometown in the sticks, and is shocked to find it's not the sleepy country village of his youth. His ne'er-do-well childhood pal Grits (Björn Starrin) has become a drug-addicted pornographer; the lone cop in town (Kjell Bergqvist, FLICKER, the Martin Beck series) can't be bothered to investigate the case, and advises Erik to scram; and insinuations abound that the sweet kid sister Erik remembers grew up to become a not-so-innocent young woman.


    Tuva Novotny
    Jonas Rimeika
    Michael Nyqvist
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