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    Space Rage

    Poster of the movie Space Rage

    Space Rage (1985)

    Run time1h17m
    Directed byConrad E_ Palmisano
    Written byJim Lenahan
    CompanyLightning VideoLightning VideoLightning Video


    In this futuristic world, the most ruthless criminals are all transported to the planet Botany Bay to work in the mines--there, they are guarded and escapees hunted down.

    Sentenced to life on the penitentiary planet of Botany Bay, Grange (Michael Paré), leads a ruthless bunch of depraved work colony convicts in a terrorizing upheaval against the innocent inhabitants. Defending Botany Bay are highly skilled weapons specialists known as Trackers. John Laughlin portrays their fearless leader who fends off the prisoners' breakout attempts with a futuristic arsenal of machines and manpower. Farnsworth is The Colonel, a retired LAPD officer brought in from Earth to help. The evil Grange devises a plan that will wipe out Botany Bay and make him self-imposed leader of a new civilization. In an action-packed finale, the criminals execute their plan... SPACE RAGE... a world gone mad!


    Richard Farnsworth
    Michael Paré
    William Windom
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