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    Strike Back

    Poster of the movie Strike Back

    Strike Back

    TV Series     2010     Action thriller     United Kingdom

    Strike Back is a military television series that blends elements of action, thriller, and drama. The show is primarily concerned with the acts of secretive branch Section 20. As a branch of the British Defence Intelligence service, Section 20 members execute several high risk missions throughout the world. The characters of Strike Back give the series shape and color. For example, the story's central character emerges as an individual who has resigned from the SAS after an Iraq rescue mission which took place prior to a 2003 American-led invasion. Strike Back is rife with a variety of themes, including jealousy, war, violence, and betrayal.



    Philip Winchester
    Sullivan Stapleton
    Rhona Mitra
    Charles Dance
    Vincent Regan
    Richard Armitage
    Marcel Iures
    Michelle Yeoh
    Will Yun Lee
    Dougray Scott
    Saïd Taghmaoui
    Alexander Siddig
    Ewen Bremner
    Tim McInnerny
    Colin Salmon
    Jodhi May
    Eamonn Walker
    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
    Corey Johnson
    Togo Igawa
    Liam Cunningham
    Babou Ceesay
    Francis Magee
    Toby Stephens
    Laura Haddock
    David Harewood
    Iain Glen
    Peter Firth
    Martin Clunes
    Tim Pigott-Smith
    Michael McElhatton
    Annabelle Wallis
    Raoul Max Trujillo
    Lyne Renee
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    Photo from the movie Strike Back
    Photo from the movie Strike Back
    Photo from the movie Strike Back
    Photo from the movie Strike Back
    Photo from the movie Strike Back

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