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    Summer with Hope

    Persian poster of the movie Summer with Hope
    2022     Drama    
    1h 39min
    Original language: Persian

    Young swimmer, Omid (whose name means "Hope" in Persian), along with his mother, Leili, and uncle, Saadi, have each placed their individual fates on one vital upcoming swimming competition. In the days and hours before the meet, however, the consequences of failure become clear for each - all of which falls heavily on Omid's shoulders as a responsibility he refuses to bear. As their community jealously and steadily erodes the family's façade, layer by layer, to find whatever weakness they can, the family itself also begins to crumble like sand under the weight of the encroaching tide.

    Directed bySadaf Foroughi
    Written bySadaf Foroughi


    Leili Rashidi
    Mahdi Gorbani
    Alireza Kamali
    Benyamin Peyrovani
    Kiarash Anvari
    Milad Mirzaei
    Sanaz Najafi



    Trailer (with Eng. subt.)

    1 years ago


    Photo from the movie Summer with Hope

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