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    Poster of the movie Sunday

    Sunday (2008)

    Original lang.Hindi
    Run time2h16m
    Directed byRohit Shetty
    Written byRobin Bhatt
    CompanyEros EntertainmentEros EntertainmentEros Entertainment
    7 reviews5.3


    A dead body found floating in a lake.... Unexplained scratch marks on her neck... Supari killers out to kill her... A taxi driver who yells 'bhoot, bhoot' every time he sees her...

    Seher is at first amused, then mystified and then terrified when she realizes she has a connection with all these totally unconnected incidents. But she cannot remember anything. Her fiancée ACP Rajvir Randhava is convinced that Seher is innocent, but he is also equally sure that she is linked to everything. But she cannot remember a thing. Then another dead is found. And the bracelet found near the corpse belongs to Seher. The evidence is mounting and all fingers point at Seher. And still, Seher does not remember anything. Is Seher really as innocent as she claims to be? A dubbing artiste by day, is she also a serial killer by night? Is her bubbly charm but a mask that hides her darker, menacing self? As Seher desperately fights the fog that clouds her treacherous memory, ACP Rajvir has to fight the face that the woman he wants to marry may well be a murderer and worse...

    What if one day went missing from your life?


    Ajay Devgn
    Ayesha Takia
    Irrfan Khan
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    Photo from the movie Sunday
    Photo from the movie Sunday
    Photo from the movie Sunday
    Photo from the movie Sunday
    Photo from the movie Sunday

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