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    Superstar in a Housedress

    Superstar in a Housedress (2004)
    Run time1h35m
    Directed byCraig Highberger
    Written byCraig Highberger
    One review10


    Superstar in a Housedress examines the life and legend of Warhol transvestite superstar Jackie Curtis who was a poet, playwright, performer, and one of the great personalities of his time. The film features on-camera interviews with actor Harvey Fierstein who played Jackie's mother in "Americka Cleopatra" when he was 18, Ellen Stewart, founder of LaMama Experimental Theater Club, John Vaccarro, founder of the Playhouse of the Ridiculous, Paul Morrissey, director of the Andy Warhol films, and surviving superstars Holly Woodlawn and Joe Dallesandro, plus 24 other friends and colleagues of Jackie's.


    Paul Ambrose
    Michael André
    David Bowie
    Sylvia Miles
    Lily Tomlin
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