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    Tall Tale

    Poster of the movie Tall Tale

    Tall Tale

    1h 36min
    1995     Fantasy adventure     USA

    Summoned by the imagination of a young boy, Pecos (Patrick Swayze) sets out to help the lad save the family farm from a greedy land-grabber. Teaming with two other larger-than-life heroes -- a mighty lumberjack and a hulking railroad worker -- they embark on an incredible journey where danger and surprises await at every turn. Packed with plenty of rollicking action and visual effects, untamed adventure doesn't ride any faster or shoot any straighter than 'Tall Tale.'

    Directed byJeremiah S_ Chechik
    Written bySteve Bloom, Robert Rodat
    CompanyBuena VistaBuena VistaBuena Vista


    Patrick Swayze
    Oliver Platt
    Nick Stahl
    Scott Glenn
    Stephen Lang
    Jared Harris
    Catherine O'Hara
    Scott Wilson
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