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    Tell Me You Love Me

    Poster of the movie Tell Me You Love Me

    Tell Me You Love Me

    TV Series     2007     Romantic drama     USA

    A provocative and honest exploration of intimacy, 'Tell Me You Love Me' offers an unfiltered look at three couples as they navigate critical periods in their lives. With a candidness that breaks conventional boundaries, creator Cynthia Mort examines the moments -- both significant and everyday -- that form the basis and language of each relationship.

    Twenty-somethings Jamie and Hugo (Michelle Borth and Luke Kirby), experience the vitality of sex but realize their intimacy serves as a drug-like escape from their disparate takes on fidelity and commitment. Katie and Dave (Ally Walker and Tim DeKay), two happy parents in their forties, instead question why their love and devotion to one another hasn't translated into sexual intimacy in nearly a year. Meanwhile, mid-thirties couple Carolyn and Palek (Sonya Walger and Adam Scott), come to learn how much their efforts to become parents and their inability to conceive has strained the intangible connections between them.

    Therapist May Foster, (Jane Alexander) works to carefully guide the couples toward healthier relationships and despite a few unresolved issues within her own marriage, she and her retired husband Arthur, manage to share a partnership that is both deeply loving and passionately sexual.

    Capturing both the awkwardness and closeness of each couple, Mort opens a window into the complexities of modern relationships. Thought-provoking, raw and immediate, 'Tell Me You Love Me' teases out the unspoken dreams, hang-ups and fears that materialize when sex and intimacy connect -- or when they diverge.



    Michelle Borth
    Tim DeKay
    Adam Scott
    Ally Walker
    Jane Alexander
    Katharine Towne
    Luke Kirby
    Ian Somerhalder
    Sherry Stringfield
    Jeremy London
    Susan Ruttan
    Rhys Coiro
    Ronny Cox
    Christina Cabot
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