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    The Big Country

    Poster of the movie The Big Country
    Original lang.English, Spanish
    Run time2h45m
    Directed byWilliam Wyler
    Written byJames R. Webb, Sy Bartlett
    One review8.0


    Rival Texas ranchers Charles Bickford and Burl Ives (in an Oscar ,winning performance) go to war over water rights and access to precious riverfront property owned by schoolmarm Jean Simmons. Easterner Gregory Peck, engaged to Bickford's spoiled daughter Carroll Baker, is a fish out of water in this conflict. Pacifistic Peck backs down from a fight with Ives' rowdy gang, and loses Baker's esteem when he refuses to fight her father's ranch foreman Charlton Heston -- who wants Baker for himself. But Peck's cool thinking will ultimately prevail in William Wyler's epic Western .


    Gregory Peck
    Jean Simmons
    Carroll Baker
    Charlton Heston
    Burl Ives
    Charles Bickford
    Roddy McDowall
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    Photo from the movie The Big Country
    Photo from the movie The Big Country

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