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    The Blue Black Hussar

    Poster of the movie The Blue Black Hussar
    The Blue Black Hussar (2013)
    CountryUnited Kingdom
    Run time1h38m
    Directed byJack Bond


    In the 1980s, pop star, Adam Ant, was at the height of his fame but after mental health problems he disappeared into relative obscurity. The result of over a year spent with the eccentric singer, Jack Bond's acclaimed film, 'The Blueblack Hussar', charts Ant's return to the music scene -- older, wiser, but still the erudite, charismatic, flamboyant figure of 30 years ago. Largely a fly-on-the-wall, Bond's camera is a revealing window into Ant's life: his overactive mind and his effervescent personality. Careering from London to Paris on a recruiting drive for his comeback bid, meeting a host of colourful supporting characters, and showing off material for his new album, 'The Blueblack Hussar' is a hugely enjoyable tribute to a true musical icon.


    Adam Ant
    Jack Bond
    Charlotte Rampling
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    Photo from the movie The Blue Black Hussar
    Photo from the movie The Blue Black Hussar

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