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    The Bridge

    The Bridge

    1h 49min
    2013     Romantic drama     USA

    In a world where relationships are disposable and family is taken for granted, we sometimes lose our way. God brings people into our lives and moves in unimaginable ways. When an unconventional meeting takes place on the bridge, faith is restored, hope is found, and lives are changed forever.

    Directed byDanielle Minnes
    Written byDanielle Minnes


    Leanne Lower, Dan Scarberry, Julie Burget, Carol Gravelyn, Paul Czosnowski, Stacy Boggs, Olivia Minnes, Oliver Rodriguez, Tony Venable, Damas Manderson, Savannah Minnes, Gil Michel, Brandon Czosnowski, Danielle Minnes, Kelly Morgan

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    English     Français
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