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    The Doris Day Show

    Poster of the movie The Doris Day Show
    TV Series    1968     Comedy    

    In Season 5, Doris' work at Today's World magazine continues to take her on more exciting assignments as she travels and meets interesting people. She falls in love with one of her subjects, politician Jonathan Rusk, portrayed by Patrick O'Neal and they become engaged to be wed.




    Doris Day
    Philip Brown
    McLean Stevenson
    James Hampton
    Jodie Foster
    Michael Lerner
    Robert Easton
    Ricardo Montalban
    Henry Fonda
    Cesare Danova
    Ed Begley Jr.
    John Gavin
    Andy Griffith
    Julie Adams
    David Doyle
    Lew Ayres
    Strother Martin
    Lee Meriwether
    Jacques Bergerac
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