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    The Dramatics: A Comedy

    Poster of the movie The Dramatics: A Comedy
    The Dramatics: A Comedy (2015)
    Run time1h29m
    GenreRomantic comedy
    Directed byScott Rodgers
    Written byScott Rodgers, Kat Foster


    Katie is a fledgling actress who is delighted but intimidated when she lands a lead role in a sexually explicit mini-series that is based on an extremely popular novel for women. Her boyfriend is Paul, and he is not thrilled with the fact that she is in this kind of project, but he wants to support her nonetheless. Their own behind-the-scenes drama is as engaging as the one that is unfolding before the camera.


    Kat Foster
    Scott Rodgers
    Pablo Schreiber
    Riki Lindhome
    Sean Astin
    Rosemarie DeWitt
    Thomas Sadoski
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