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    The Duchess of Duke Street

    Poster of the movie The Duchess of Duke Street

    The Duchess of Duke Street

    TV Series     1976     Drama     USA/United Kingdom

    Following the life of Louisa Trotter (nee Leyton), as she embarks on a journey...with an ambition of being the best Cook in England. She starts working for Lord Henry Norton, under the watchful eyes of chef Monsieur Alex. Lord Henry's nephew, Charlie Tyrrell tries to charm Louisa, but she throws him back, claiming her one ambition is to be the best Cook in England...after cooking a feast for Edward, Prince of Wales, she is pressured into becoming his mistress, but the death of Queen Victoria brings on changes, including the marriage of Louisa to Lord Henry's head Butler, Augustus Trotter, and the purchase of the Bentink Hotel, Duke Street...



    Gemma Jones
    Christopher Cazenove
    Kevin McNally
    Anna Calder-Marshall
    Anthony Andrews
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    English     Français
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