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    The Fabulous Allan Carr

    Poster of the movie The Fabulous Allan Carr
    Run time1h30m
    GenreBiography documentary
    Directed byJeffrey Schwarz
    One review6.0


    Olivia de Havilland
    Tom Hanks
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Janet Leigh
    Goldie Hawn
    Raquel Welch
    Julie Andrews
    John Travolta
    Patrick Swayze
    Jeff Goldblum
    Jodie Foster
    Geena Davis
    John Wayne
    Rob Lowe
    Jane Fonda
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Judy Garland
    Natalie Wood
    Marilyn Monroe
    Bette Davis
    Gregory Peck
    Stockard Channing
    Glenn Close
    Montgomery Clift
    Shelley Winters
    Vincent Price
    Tony Curtis
    Rita Wilson
    Lily Tomlin
    Ingrid Bergman
    Rock Hudson
    Jacqueline Bisset
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