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    The Following

    Poster of the movie The Following
    TV Series    2013     Dramatic thriller    

    Ryan Hardy's greatest accomplishment (downfall, demon, mistake etc.) is the investigation and subsequent arrest of the serial killer, Joe Carroll. He left no stone unturned and risked his life (physically and personally) in order to see the killer behind bars. But what Hardy may have underestimated is the voracity, determination, and devotion of Carroll's following: they will stop at nothing in order to see their leader freed and happy. These devotees even go so far as to commit various murders, kidnappings, and other crimes under the tutelage of Carroll. Upon his escape from prison, Hardy comes out of retirement and it once again becomes his job (and obsession) to recapture the killer (while protecting Carroll's wife and son) that has haunted his nightmares for the last nine years.



    Kevin Bacon
    Shawn Ashmore
    James Purefoy
    Jessica Stroup
    Valorie Curry
    Gregg Henry
    Connie Nielsen
    Ruth Kearney
    Michael Ealy
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