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    The Girl in the Fog

    Poster of the movie The Girl in the Fog

    The Girl in the Fog

    La ragazza nella nebbia     2h 8min
    2017     Thriller     Italy/Germany/France
    Original lang: Italian

    In the Italian alpine town of Avechot near the border with Switzerland, a teenage girl named Anna Lou left her home one evening in the fog to walk to the local confraternity church. The churchgoers later recount to police that she never showed up. Her parents claim that she never returned home. She vanished in the fog. An outside investigator with a dark past and a history of unusual methods is brought in to take over the case. The investigator, Detective Vogel, must contend with leads that go nowhere, secrets and lies among the townspeople and the sudden appearance of the national media intent on dramatizing the story. Some of the villagers think that Anna Lou merely ran off. Yet, as truths come to light, Detective Vogel starts to wonder if something far more sinister took place in the seemingly safe isolated mountains...

    Directed byDonato Carrisi
    Written byDonato Carrisi


    Toni Servillo
    Alessio Boni
    Jean Reno
    Greta Scacchi
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