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    The Great Chameleon

    Poster of the movie The Great Chameleon
    Directed byGoran Kalezic
    Written byVictor Altomare, Goran Kalezic
    One review9.0


    The Great Chameleon is a dark comedy about Joe, a lovable ex-con who has just been released from prison. Officer Curry and Katy Sim are intent on finding the stolen money he stashed before his incarceration. Joe proves equally determined to locate his missing niece, Shawna. With the clock counting down, he looks for answers about her disappearance before it's too late. Why did Detective Pendell stop looking for Shawna? Who has been following him since he left prison and. . . what costume should he wear next? With the help of his friend Max and myriad disguises, Joe delves deep into an underworld of corruption to uncover the truth.


    Victor Altomare
    Stacy Keach
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