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    The Grift

    Poster of the movie The Grift

    The Grift

    1h 49min
    2008     Horror/thriller     USA

    Look deeper... it's 1948 in the small country town of Caney Fork. Nothing is really what it seems here, dark secrets are buried deep within the peaceful setting. If you happen to be one of the traveling salesmen of the time or perhaps just a weary traveler seeking a cool refreshment to starve off the heat, or a bite to appease the rumbling of your stomach, or room for the night, you might just stop at the Shamrock Motor Court, A 1930s farmhouse turned into a diner with four bungalows. Looks innocent enough but look deeper...

    Directed byRalph E_ Portillo
    Written byPamela Smith


    Maury Chaykin
    Sara Downing
    John Savage
    Max Kasch
    Jeremy London
    Billy Burke
    Robert Easton
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