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    The January Man

    Poster of the movie The January Man

    The January Man

    1h 37min
    1989     Action thriller     USA

    There is a serial killer terrorizing Manhattan. Mayor Eamon Flynn (Rod Steiger) wants it to stop now. The agitated mayoral assistant (Harvey Keitel) calls on his former--brilliant, nonconformist--cop brother (Kevin Kline) to return to the force and handle the case. Kline agrees, for a price: a date with Keitel's gorgeous wife (Susan Sarandon). Kline amasses details on the killer and calculates a pattern that allows him to predict the killer's next crime, which will take place in the labyrinthine corridors of a major skyscraper.

    Directed byPat O'Connor
    Written byJohn Patrick Shanley


    Kevin Kline
    Susan Sarandon
    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
    Harvey Keitel
    Danny Aiello
    Rod Steiger
    Alan Rickman
    Kenneth Welsh
    Bill Cobbs
    Colin Mochrie
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