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    The Job

    Poster of the movie The Job

    The Job

    1h 23min
    2003     Action drama     USA

    A ruthless hitwoman named CJ (Daryl Hannah) is a sexy mercenary who is contracted to perform one final contract before she leaves the life of cold-blooded killing behind forever. As she seeks out her victim it might be too late. She has grown a conscience and realizes for the first time in her career as an assassin she can't complete the job. CJ is now faced with the challenge of dealing with carrying out the contract she accepted or abide by her new-found moral values.

    Directed byKenny Golde
    Written byKenny Golde
    CompanyLionsgate FilmsLionsgate FilmsLionsgate Films


    Daryl Hannah
    Brad Renfro
    Dominique Swain
    Eric Mabius
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