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    The Kid: Chamaco

    Original titleChamaco
    Original lang.Spanish, English
    CountriesUSA, Mexico
    Run time1h37m
    Directed byMiguel Necoechea
    Written byCarl Bessai, Kirk Harris, Miguel Necoechea


    Chamaco is the a contemporary yet timeless story told in the gritty world of boxing about a father and son who overcome their differences to rescue a young Mexican teenager with big dreams off the hard streets of Mexico City. Together, they try to unite to help the teen who has big dreams but little hope of realizing them. The father, a doctor, who left his home in the U.S. to run a medical clinic in Mexico City. The son, a former U.S. Olympic boxer who burned out too fast as a professional boxer. And, a young Mexican teenager with dreams of becoming his country's new boxing idol and making enough money to pull his sister and girlfriend off of the streets. Along the way they find each other, find themselves and face their destinies head on. The story is told in the tradition of Rocky and City of God.


    Martin Sheen
    Kirk Harris
    Michael Madsen
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