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    The Locket

    Poster of the movie The Locket
    The Locket (1946)
    Run time1h25m
    GenreFilm noir
    Directed byJohn Brahm
    Written bySheridan Gibney


    As a child, Day was accused of stealing a locket at a fancy party. She has spent her life getting even for this false accusation by becoming a kleptomaniac and ruining the lives of those around her. She drives one man (Robert Mitchum) to suicide, and stands by as another man is executed for a murder which she has committed. Assuming her revenge on the world is complete when she becomes engaged to the son of the woman who'd accused her of thievery, Day is overtaken by the demons within her and collapses on the altar.


    Laraine Day
    Brian Aherne
    Robert Mitchum
    Ellen Corby
    Martha Hyer
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