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    The Love Eterne

    Mandarin poster of the movie The Love Eterne

    The Love Eterne

    Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai     2h 6min
    1963     Musical     Hong Kong
    Original lang: Mandarin

    A young scholar (Ivy Ling Po, an actress playing a man) falls for a fellow student who's actually a girl pretending to be a boy (and played by Betty Loh Ti, an actress playing a woman pretending to be a man) so that she can go to school. This supremely elegant and moving film was one of Chinese cinema's biggest hits.

    Directed byHan Hsiang Li
    Written byHan Hsiang Li
    CompanyShaw BrothersShaw BrothersShaw Brothers


    Betty Loh Ti
    Ivy Ling Po
    Jackie Chan
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