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    The Master Key

    Poster of the movie The Master Key
    The Master Key (2009)
    Grande ourse: La clé des possibles
    Original lang.French
    Run time1h44m
    Directed byPatrice Sauvé
    Written byFrédéric Ouellet
    CompanyAlliance VivafilmAlliance VivafilmAlliance Vivafilm
    One review7.0


    Despite himself, Louis-Bernard Lapointe can't escape the fact that he is a sorcerer. To save the life of his only friend, Biron, Lapointe must find "the key of possibility" that will give him entry to the parallel worlds. In order to find the key, he must cast himself into one of the possible worlds and solve an riddle, a process that will cause him to reflect upon the choices that define each human being and that make us decide who will live and who will die.


    Marc Messier
    Normand Daneau
    Fanny Mallette
    Frédéric Gilles
    Evelyne Brochu
    Anne Dorval
    Vitali Makarov
    Ludivine Reding
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