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    The Motel

    Poster of the movie The Motel

    The Motel

    1h 15min
    2005     Comedy-drama     USA
    Original lang: Cantonese, English

    Puberty sucks, and nobody knows it better than 13-year-old Ernest. As he watches guests come and go, Ernest finds himself forever stuck at his family's hourly-rate motel. He is forced to divide his time between taking orders from his overbearing mom, cleaning up after the miscreant quests staying at the motel, and longing for the girl of his dreams, 15-year-old Christine. He lacks the courage to tell her how he feels, that is until charismatic Sam Kim checks into the motel and takes fatherless Ernest for a wild ride toward manhood, for better or worse.

    Directed byMichael Kang
    Written byMichael Kang, Ed Lin
    CompanyImaginAsian PicturesImaginAsian PicturesImaginAsian Pictures


    Jeffrey Chyau
    Sung Kang
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