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    The Nightcomers

    Poster of the movie The Nightcomers

    The Nightcomers

    1h 36min
    1971     Horror/thriller     United Kingdom

    Quint (Marlon Brando) is a gardener who powerfully impacts the lives of young orphans Miles and Flora, who are left in the care of their governess and housekeeper. Obsessed with the charismatic Quint, the children are mesmerized by his warped views of love and life and soon pattern their own lives after his crude, secret courtship with their governess. When the housekeeper finds out about the lovers' relationship, she decides to fire them, leaving the bereft children to take matters into their own chilling hands.

    Directed byMichael Winner
    Written byMichael Hastings, Henry James
    CompanyEmbassy PicturesEmbassy PicturesEmbassy Pictures


    Marlon Brando
    Stephanie Beacham
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