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    The People Speak

    Poster of the movie The People Speak

    The People Speak (2008)

    Directed byTony Sacco
    Written byAnthony Arnove, Howard Zinn
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    The People Speak is a documentary inspired by Howard Zinn's book, A People's History of the United States and from the book he co-authored with Anthony Arnove, Voices of a People's History. These are the voices of resistance in U.S. history -- resistance to injustice, to war. Voices that can inspire viewers to recognize the power ordinary people have to change the course of history. These are also the voices that are excluded from traditional histories. Some voices are obscure, some famous and you will hear them express ideas that are excluded from the orthodox histories.


    Matt Damon
    Viggo Mortensen
    Rosario Dawson
    Marisa Tomei
    Morgan Freeman
    Josh Brolin
    Sean Penn
    Michael Ealy
    Kerry Washington
    Don Cheadle
    Benjamin Bratt
    Danny Glover
    Sandra Oh
    Q'Orianka Kilcher
    David Strathairn
    Bob Dylan
    Harris Yulin
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