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    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Poster of the movie The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    1h 33min
    1971     Criminal drama     USA

    An alienated social drop-out accidentally runs over a woman in a rain storm. Though he can prove it was an accident, he refuses to cooperate with 'the establishment,' and is sentenced to a year in prison. With only a week left to his sentence, he gets involved in a knifing and manages to escape. He looks up his old girlfriend and the two fly off to Canada.

    Directed byRobert Mulligan
    Written byThomas Rogers, Jon Boothe, George Sherman
    CompanyColumbia PicturesColumbia PicturesColumbia Pictures


    Michael Sarrazin
    Barbara Hershey
    E.G. Marshall
    Sada Thompson
    David Doyle
    William Devane
    Rue McClanahan
    Charles Durning
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