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    The Quest

    Poster of the movie The Quest

    The Quest

    1h 35min
    1996     Action thriller     USA/Canada

    One man's search for his soul leads him on the ultimate journey. Van Damme is a 1920s street criminal whose run from the police thrusts him into a forbidding realm of gun smugglers, pirates and an ancient, underworld martial arts competition. The legendary contest, known as the Ghan-gheng, pits the world's deadliest fighters against each other in a furious winner-take-all battle. Forced to compete, Van Damme faces the ultimate test of manhood where one wrong move could cost him not only the competition, but his life.

    Directed byJean-Claude Van Damme
    Written byFrank Dux, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steve Klein, Paul Mones
    CompanyUniversal PicturesUniversal PicturesUniversal Pictures


    Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Roger Moore
    James Remar
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