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    The Rookies

    TV Series    1972     Drama    

    The show was about 3 recruits fresh out of the police academy. Two of them were single and the third was married to a nurse. They had a Lt who didn't always see eye to eye with his new Rookies.



    Georg Stanford Brown
    Sam Melville
    Kate Jackson
    Michael Ontkean
    Tyne Daly
    Darleen Carr
    John Travolta
    William Shatner
    James Hong
    James Woods
    Nick Nolte
    Leslie Nielsen
    Sissy Spacek
    Martin Sheen
    Margaret Avery
    Ned Beatty
    Ray Walston
    Roddy McDowall
    Charles Martin Smith
    Louis Gossett Jr.
    Clint Howard
    John Ritter
    Fionnula Flanagan
    Rene Auberjonois
    Sally Kirkland
    Keenan Wynn
    Earl Holliman
    Edward Albert
    Della Reese
    Annette O'Toole
    Geoffrey Lewis
    Darren McGavin
    Stefanie Powers
    Amy Irving
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