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    The Snake Pit

    Poster of the movie The Snake Pit
    Original lang.English, German
    Run time1h48m
    Directed byAnatole Litvak
    Written byFrank Partos, Millen Brand
    One review9.0


    Virginia battling confusion in a mid-level ward of the hospital, but the events that brought her there are shown through a series of flashbacks. First, her loving husband (Mark Stevens) recounts how she was strangely reticent during their courtship and succumbed to paranoia immediately following their marriage. Later, after several harrowing rounds of shock therapy, Virginia starts to open up to a psychiatrist known as Dr. Kick (Leo Genn), who emerges as the hero of the tale through a rare combination of learning and humanity. She makes progress under his care by revealing experiences that contributed to her disassociation from reality, but she suffers setbacks when handled by other nurses and doctors whose intentions aren't always so good. As the months go by, Virginia cycles through various wards like circles in Dante's hell, never quite certain where she is, how she got there, or how closely she resembles the other disturbed people around her.


    Olivia de Havilland
    Mark Stevens
    Leo Genn
    Celeste Holm
    Beulah Bondi
    Betsy Blair
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