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    The Squad

    Poster of the movie The Squad

    The Squad

    Antigang     1h 32min
    2015     Action drama     United Kingdom/France
    Original lang: French, English

    Serge Buren is a legendary cop, surrounded by a group of young cops who employ unconventional methods. Who cares if they use baseball bats or "forget" the rules during spectacular arrests, when they achieve such great results. Then a gang of murderous bank robbers enters the scene, breaking into Parisian banks and jewelry stores with disconcerting ease, employing weapons of war and implacable scenarios. Confronted by so much ingenuity and brutality, Buren and his squad find themselves facing a delicate situation: will their expeditive methods suffice to stop criminals who are even more Machiavellian than the cops themselves?

    Directed byBenjamin Rocher
    Written byJohn Hodge, Nick Love


    Jean Reno
    Alban Lenoir
    Caterina Murino
    Sabrina Ouazani
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