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    The Stupids

    Poster of the movie The Stupids
    1996     Comedy    
    United Kingdom/USA
    1h 34min
    Original lang: English, French

    Meet Stanley, Joan, Buster and Petunia...The Stupids. The lovable but dimwitted Stupids have a problem, because they've just discovered that their trash is being stolen. It's a crime of unimaginable proportion and they are going to get to the bottom of it! Little do they know that they're investigation will uncover an illegal weapons ring. Now the fate of the world lies in their hands...oops!

    Directed byJohn Landis
    Written byJames Marshall, Harry Allard, Brent Forrester
    CompanyNew Line CinemaAllianceAlliance


    Tom Arnold
    Jessica Lundy
    Robert Wise
    Christopher Lee
    Frankie Faison
    Norman Jewison
    Gillo Pontecorvo
    Atom Egoyan
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