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    The Trip

    Poster of the movie The Trip
    Run time1h25m
    Directed byRoger Corman
    Written byJack Nicholson
    CompanyAmerican International Pictures (AIP)Astral FilmsAstral Films
    2 reviews3.5


    Paul (Peter Fonda), a director saddened by his failed marriage and unsatisfied with his work, is looking to start over. His friend, the cool, sage-like John (Bruce Dern), suggests that an LSD trip is exactly what Paul needs to get out of his rut. Paul decides to indulge, and experiences visions that are alternately beautiful and terrifying. His hallucinations, which include a carnival populated by dwarfs, bizarrely erotic encounters and even his own death, radically reshape his consciousness.


    Peter Fonda
    Susan Strasberg
    Bruce Dern
    Dennis Hopper
    Luana Anders
    Dick Miller
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    © American International Pictures (AIP)Astral FilmsAstral Films

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