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    The Unseen

    Poster of the movie The Unseen
    2016     Horror/thriller    
    1h 44min

    In a small town in the Canadian Rockies, no one knows much about Bob. He works at the lumber mill and goes home every night alone. Some townsfolk know him from his brief stint in pro hockey, but otherwise, he's a ghost.

    Bob's only connection is a tenuous one to his ex-wife and daughter -- neither of whom he has seen since abandoning them a decade earlier. When his ex-wife contacts him to tell him that their daughter is on the wrong path and subsequently goes missing, Bob puts himself at risk to find her -- which reveals the terrible thing he's been hiding from the world.

    Directed byGeoff Redknap
    Written byGeoff Redknap


    Aden Young
    Camille Sullivan
    Julia Sarah Stone
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