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    Arabic poster of the movie Theeb
    Original lang.Arabic
    CountriesUnited Arab Emirates, Qatar
    Run time1h40m
    GenreDramatic thriller
    Directed byNaji Abu Nowar
    Written byNaji Abu Nowar, Bassel Ghandour
    CompanyFilm MovementFilm MovementFilm Movement
    One review7.0


    Two Bedouin brothers roughhouse around a well in the Arabian Desert. Their father has recently passed, and Hussein (Hussein Salameh), the warmhearted older brother, is mentoring young Theeb (Jacir Eid, Salameh's real-life cousin). One night, a British Army officer appears. Theeb is curious about a mysterious box he's carrying. The officer needs a guide to escort him to the next well. Following Bedouin custom, Hussein agrees to help. The next morning, they take off, unaware that Theeb -- our mischievous guide is trailing close behind.


    Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat
    Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen
    Hassan Mutlag Al-Maraiyeh
    Hisham Ahmand
    Ali Al-Awaisheh
    Yaseer Al-Braji
    Taha Ahmad Al-Radaideh
    Saif Hamdan Al-Udwan
    Mohammad Al-Ugaily
    Mohamad Mansour Al-Zoubi
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    Photo from the movie Theeb
    Photo from the movie Theeb
    Photo from the movie Theeb
    Photo from the movie Theeb

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