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    These Amazing Shadows

    Poster of the movie These Amazing Shadows
    2011     Documentary    
    1h 28min

    Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton's THESE AMAZING SHADOWS asks the question: what do films like Casablanca, Blazing Saddles and West Side Story have in common? As the government-appointed protector of our cinematic legacy, the National Film Registry selects culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant works for preservation in the Library of Congress. From award-winning features to music videos, experimental films to home movies, each Registry selection reflects a truth of its time or a standout artistic vision. Through interviews with Registry board members, archivists, and notable filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Rob Reiner, John Waters, John Singleton, John Lasseter and Barbara Kopple, the filmmakers demonstrate the way film documents artistic and societal milestones.

    Directed byPaul Mariano, Kurt Norton
    Written byDouglas Blush, Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton
    CompanyIFC FilmsIFC FilmsIFC Films


    Jeff Adachi
    James H. Billington
    Ernest Borgnine
    Peter Coyote
    Zooey Deschanel
    Barry Jenkins
    John Waters
    James Stewart
    Debbie Reynolds
    Rob Reiner
    Christopher Nolan
    Tim Roth
    John Singleton
    John Wayne
    Wayne Wang
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    12 years ago

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