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    This Last Lonely Place

    Poster of the movie This Last Lonely Place

    This Last Lonely Place

    1h 25min
    2014     Dramatic thriller     USA

    Veteran Sam Taylor has returned from the war nearly deaf. He lives in a rundown downtown hotel and drives a yellow cab. One dark night in Beverly Hills, investment banker Frank Devore slides into the taxi's back seat. Throwing $500 cash over the seat, Frank says "turn off the meter and just drive." Needing the money, Sam does as he's told. Nervous, and fueled by too much whiskey, Frank complains about his wife and confesses to a shady investment scheme. He's on the run, headed for a private jet. They pick up his beautiful and scheming mistress - the high-end escort Faye Gardner. She has a gun. An unspeakable crime has been committed. Something has gone horribly wrong, and Sam is now at their mercy. As this long and bloody evening progresses - through the lonely streets and back alleys of Los Angeles - the dark layers of deceit come to light. This night might never end.

    Directed bySteve Anderson
    Written bySteve Anderson


    Rhys Coiro
    Xander Berkeley
    Richard Portnow
    Michelle Krusiec
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