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    Swedish poster of the movie Tove


    2020     Biography drama     Finland/Sweden
    Original lang: Swedish, Finnish, English, French

    Helsinki, 1945. The end of the war brings a new sense of artistic and social freedom for painter Tove Jansson. Modern art, dizzying parties and an open relationship with a married politician: Her unconventional life puts her at odds with her sculptor father's strict ideals. Tove's desire for liberty is put to the test when she meets theatre director Vivica Bandler. Her love for Vivica is electric and all-consuming but Tove begins to realise that the love she truly yearns has to be reciprocated. As she struggles with her personal life, her creative endeavours take her in an unexpected direction. While focusing her artistic dreams on her painting, the work that started as a side project, the melancholic, haunting tales she told scared children in bomb shelters, rapidly takes on a life of its own.

    Directed byZaida Bergroth
    Written byEeva Putro, Jarno Elonen
    CompanyJuno FilmsFilms We LikeFilms We Like


    Alma Pöysti
    Krista Kosonen
    Shanti Roney
    Joanna Haartti
    Kajsa Ernst
    Robert Enckell
    Jakob Öhrman
    Eeva Putro
    Wilhelm Enckell
    Liisi Tandefelt
    Emma Klingenberg
    Juhana Ryynänen
    Henrik Wolff
    Dick Idman
    Simon Häger
    Kira-Emmi Pohtokari
    Sanna Langinkoski
    Saga Sarkola
    Jon Henriksen
    Lidia Taavitsainen
    Paavo Järvenpää
    Jan Korander
    Oskar Pöysti
    Iida Kuningas
    Heli Hyttinen
    Fabian Silén
    Willehard Korander
    Andrea Reuter
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